terms & conditions

1.  storybook design reserves the right to use images from your children's art books & cards for marketing purposes, unless otherwise specified by the client upon ordering

2.  for our greeting card range, storybook design reserves the right to use your beautiful images in our future card collections for purchase unless directed otherwise.  if you would not like us to offer your beautiful designs for purchase please let us know by email or on the form sent out to you upon commission or your cards being designed

3.  storybook design may need to remove items from your artwork eg:  sticky tape, staples, glue, string or anything else which may interfere with professionally photographing artwork

4.  some pieces of art may look slightly different in colour or shade.  we will reproduce artwork as closely as possible to the original but will use our discretion to enhance images when we think a more vibrant image will work better

5.  some pieces may show creases, folds or other marks.  we will always do our best to digitally "iron" these out

6.  storybook design will handle all artwork with "kid gloves", but cannot take any responsibility for damage to, or loss of, artwork

7.  we will replace any faulty products only if evident that it was damaged prior to arrival at your doorstep

8.  pricing is based upon number of pieces of artwork .  we will use our discretion to place pieces to best suit your book

9.  clients are responsible for all initial postage costs.